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The Rose Garden, also known as Rosedal del Prado and La Rosaleda, designed by the French landscaper Carlos Racineand architect Eugenio Baroffio . It is located in the neighborhood El Prado of Montevideo . Data from 1912 and was established with twelve thousand roses imported from France in 1910. It currently has more than three hundred varieties of ancient and modern roses. The opening ceremony was held at the Hotel del Prado on September 15, 1912, it was called with the name of the Uruguayan poet Juana de Ibarbourou . Administratively depends on Municipality of Montevideo.

Zoo Villa Dolores, officially called Municipal Park Zoo Pereira Rossell, is a zoo more than a century old, located in the neighborhood of Park Villa Dolores of the capital Uruguay : the city of Montevideo . In an area of 7hectares , is home to about 550 animals, both Uruguayan fauna and other sources, surrounded by gardens with 650 trees and shrubs. During its first century it has been visited by a total of 61 million people. Departmental System is part of “Zoo Montevideo” along with Damaso Antonio Larrañaga Museum and Park Zoological Museum Lecocq . The center of the zoo is located at coordinates 34 ° 54’03 “S 56 ° 08’42” W.